4th International Conference on Crop Improvement (ICCI 2019): 26-27th November 2019 at University Putra Malaysia



The Institute of plantation Studies, University Putra Malaysia in collaboration with University of South Wales, University of Readings, University of Nottingham, University of Plymouth, Sultan Qaboos University, University of Adelaide and Cirad Agricultural research for development will be organizing Fourth International Conference on Crop Improvement (ICCI2019) 26-27th November 2019 at University Putra Malaysia, one of the leading research universities in Malaysia

After the success of third ICCI2017 organized by University of Readings Malaysia Campus co-organised with Universiti Putra Malaysia with the theme “Crop Innovations for the Health of Populations and Planet”, we are back with much more impactful theme for the current agricultural industry trend titled Sustainability through Data-Driven and Frontier Research’ through ICCI2019.

ICCI2019 aims to provide exposure and update on data-driven and frontier research for crop improvement. It will serve as a platform for international networking for the advancement of research and innovations. Through the four conference sessions, impact of accessibility to genome sequences of important crops like oil palm and the various cereal crops and the use of functional genomic tools to decipher complex biological processes and their interaction with the environment will be shared.Understanding on how big data information generated on yield prediction, food safety and operation/equipment management could be implemented for beneficial use on crop improvement will be emphasized. Various strategies to improve sustainable crop production through involvement of plant microbiota in enhancing important functions for their host’s performance, like nutrient delivery and pest control will be highlighted. Also, exposure on agricultural traceability-what it means, why it is important, and what it looks like from the perspectives of the consumers, the supply chain owners and the community to achieve global agricultural sustainability will be given.

It is both our pleasure and honour to invite you and your partners to participate and ideally present papers in this conference as we are very much looking forward to a mutually-rewarding participation by sharing our expertise and experiences in crop improvement. ICCI2019 gathers a number of plenary and keynote papers under various topics and expertise in crop improvement.

Let us thank you in advance for your participation and support in promoting ‘Sustainability through Data-Driven and Frontier Research’ through ICCI2019.

Please kindly  find the attached brochure of ICCI2019 and visit  ICCI2019 official website at   https://ikp.upm.edu.my/ for further details and registration Click here.

Proceeding with eISBN will be produced from the conference papers.

Looking forward to see you at the conference.

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