International Conference on Plant Health Management ICPHM 2023 – Innovation and Sustainability

International Conference on Plant Health Management
ICPHM 2023 – Innovation and Sustainability

15th -18th November 2023 | Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University (PJTSAU)

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Aim and Scope

Plant health management (PHM) is the science and practice of comprehending the interplay of biotic and abiotic stresses that limit plants from achieving their full genetic potential as crops, ornamentals, forest trees, or other uses. PHM embodies bulwarking and building upon the concept of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) of these stresses to ensure ecological, economic, and social benefits for all the stakeholders including general public.

Research is traditionally defined as a systematic investigation into an area of study in order to reveal new inferences, re-examine existing knowledge, or establish new acts. Entrepreneurship is the process of designing a new product/service and converting it to become a successful business.

The main objective of this international conference is to pursue for global opportunities in research and entrepreneurship related to the field of PHM. Agriculture continues to be the backbone for the economy of many countries as majority of the human population is dependent on it for food, feed, and fibre. The deliberations in this conference are expected to focus on preparing a roadmap for the identification, delineation and exploitation of the core research areas of PHM for business prospects in the field of Agriculture.

Chief Patron

Shri Narendra Singh Tomar

Hon’ble Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare

Government of India

President of the ICAR Society


Shri Singireddy Niranjan Reddy

Hon’ble Minister of Agriculture, Co-Operation, and Marketing

Government of Telangana


Dr Himanshu Pathak

Secretary, DARE & DG, ICAR


Dr R S Paroda

Founder Chairman, TAAS, New Delhi

Conference Chair

Dr B Sarath Babu


Plant Protection Association of India

Former Principal Scientist & Head ICAR-NBPGR – Regional Station

Conference Co-Chair

Dr Rajan Sharma

Cluster Leader – Crop Protection and Seed Health, ICRISAT

Conference Co-Chair

Dr R Jagadeeswar

Director of Research

Professor Jayashankar Telangana State Agricultural University

Conference Co-Chair

Dr Celia ChalamVasimalla

Head & Principal Scientist, Division of Plant Quarantine,


Conference Co-Chair

Prof T V K Singh

Dean of Agriculture PJTSAU (Retd.),

Ex. Emeritus Scientist-ICAR

Conference Co-Chair

Dr Gururaj Katti

Former Principal Scientist (Entomology) & Head (Crop Protection)

ICAR – Indian Institute of Rice Research,Hyderabad

Conference Co-Chair

Dr S J Rahman

Senior Professor & Univ. Head of Entomology, Department of Entomology

College of Agriculture, Prof. Jayashankar Telangana State Agri. University, Hyderabad

Conference Co-Chair

Dr M Srinivasa Prasad

Principal Scientist,

ICAR-IIRR, Hyderabad

Plant Protection Association of India (PPAI)

Plant Protection Association of India has been in the forefront of the scientific community of Plant Protection both at National and International level during the past close to four decades. The society demonstrated its strengths in the past to bring the fruits of scientific research to the stakeholders by documentation and organization of several conferences and seminars and provided right science platform to deliberate, exchange and spread the emerging knowledge on plant protection.