ToBRFV-resistant tomatoes

Cora Seeds is taking part in the New Green Expo, a three-day event dedicated to greenhouse farming and agri-food in the Euro-Mediterranean region, occurring from November 22 to 24 at the Cittadella Fieristica di Vittoria (Ragusa).

In Sicily, the seed company is showcasing its tomato range, with a special focus on resistant varieties to ToBRFV. Visit Stand 21 – Pavilion B to witness firsthand the results of Cora Seeds’ varietal innovation, starting with Rivaldo F1, the variety that clinched the Tomato Excellent 2023 award in its category last summer.

“It’s a significant moment for interaction and discussion within the horticultural supply chain,” comments Maurizio Bacchi, CEO of Cora Seeds. “In Sicily, especially in the transformed area, we have numerous long-term partners. We’ve shared business growth journeys with them. Our investment in tomatoes reflects our commitment to meeting the supply chain’s needs, with our breeders dedicated to innovation and our technicians actively promoting the outcomes of our research in key production areas. This year, our ToBRFV-resistant varieties have yielded satisfying results, enabling producers to stay competitive with consistent and high-quality production.”

Cora Seeds introduces a set of ToBRFV-resistant varieties, including the prize-winning Rivaldo F1, the midi plum Corabell F1, another Tyton F1 variety, and the Grazioso F1 datterino.

“Rivaldo F1 is suitable for transplantation from late August to late October in Sicily and from January to March elsewhere in Italy,” explains Bacchi. “It boasts a robust and resilient plant, high productivity, a fishbone-shaped cluster, medium internode spacing, and excellent fruit-setting capacity. The fruit remains stable on the plant and post-harvest, making it export-worthy. Tyton F1 stands out for stability and productivity in all climates, presenting a consistent flavor over a long cycle. Grazioso F1, besides its genetic resistances, stands out for its appealing color, aromatic flavor, and excellent shelf life. It performs well for spring transplants and summer harvests, resisting high temperatures without shriveling.”

Then there’s the Corabell F1 tomato, a midi plum with a vigorous plant, short internodes, and regular clusters. Its distinctive features include an elegant fishbone pattern, 12 to 14 fruits per cluster, a large rachis, and curly sepals with intense green color. “Corabell F1’s shoulderless, regularly shaped, bright red fruits hold well both on the plant and post-harvest. Its taste is a strong point, suitable for fresh consumption or culinary preparations. It combines genetic resistance, high yields, and consistent quality.”

At the Cora Seeds booth at the New Green Expo, you’ll also find the Movida green bean, a robust climber with high fertility in all periods, even in cold or low-light conditions, and the seedless watermelon with dark skin Samba F1. This variety, recommended for early harvests, with transplants in Sicily starting from February 25 and harvests commencing on May 10, has been a flagship product for Cora Seeds. “Samba F1 has consistently delivered satisfaction with its bright red pulp, crunchiness, and exquisite taste. It’s visually appealing due to its smooth, dark, and shiny skin. Its performance remains stable in various climatic conditions, and it can tolerate temperature changes,” concludes Maurizio Bacchi.

Source: corriereortofrutticolo.it

Publication date: Wed 22 Nov 2023