The 2024 Fungal Pathogen Genomics workshop will take place 2-7 June 2024 in Hinxton, UK.

Dear Colleagues —

The 2024 Fungal Pathogen Genomics workshop will take place 2-7 June 2024 in Hinxton, UK.  This immersive week-long training is sponsored by the Wellcome Trust Advanced Courses Program, offering experimental biologists and geneticists working with fungal and oomycete species practical training in genomic-scale data analysis using web-based data-mining resources including FungiDB, Ensembl Fungi, SGD/CGD and MycoCosm.

Training includes lectures, hands-on exercises, group projects, and seminars featuring distinguished guest speakers.  Throughout the course, attendees will acquire expertise in data mining and analysis using tools provided by various fungal informatics resources.  Highlights include:

– learning to access, assess, and integrate information on gene structure, epigenetics, expression, function, population diversity, comparative genomics, etc, carrying out in silico experiments on hundreds of supported fungal/oomycete taxa

– conducting RNA-Seq and SNP analysis and visualization of your own (or any publicly available) data using the VEuPathDB Galaxy workspace

– identifying secondary metabolite clusters in MycoCosm

– discovering virulence genes and annotations in Ensembl Fungi/PHI-Base

– accessing genetic interactions in CGD/SGD

– contributing your insights on specific genes (or lists of genes) via User Comments or manual genome curation in Apollo

– identifying gene (sets) of interest for analysis of GO term or pathway enrichment, further analysis using other informatics resources, or experimental analysis in the lab/field

Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your skills in pathogen genomics!  If you – or others in your group are interested – further information and application materials are available at:


Note that the application deadline of 29 February 2024 is fast approaching.  Applications are accepted from anywhere in the world; the Trust covers all local expenses, and limited bursary support for travel may be available for selected applicants who would not otherwise be able to attend the workshop.

Yours in science — Eve Basenko, Nishadi de Silva & David S Roos … on behalf of all workshop organizers and instructors

John Leslie

For more information contact: John Leslie <jfl@KSU.EDU>